The rotting stench of the undead wafts over the village. As the moon rises high up into the sky, a lone wolf howls its last. Mighty warriors guard the barricades, clenching their fists around their weapons. Archers ready their bows, nocking arrows to their weapons and pulling them back. The undead army makes its way over the hill, and the battle begins.

“Alright then,” says the DM. “What do you do now?”

Dungeon Delvers is a 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We are a small group, and are currently not recruiting new members, though that may change in the future.

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As a member of Dungeon Delvers, you will fight vile monsters vying for control over the land. You will encounter puzzling traps and dark dungeons. You will explore vast new lands, and be pushed to the very edge in order to survive.

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Here in Dungeon Delvers, we form not just a party of adventurers, but also a party of friends and comrades. Players here learn how to work together, play cooperatively, and help the team move forward as a whole.

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Are you up to the challenge?

Dungeon Delvers

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